Sunday, 26 November 2017

Opt for These Metal Roofs

Before you hire a metal roofing contractor in Massachusetts, you need to know about different types of metal roofs available in the market. Remember that varied panel metal roof types affect both price and performance. Do not make an uninformed decision only to regret later.

Here, we talk about 3 major common roof kinds and the types of repairs as well as the replacement cost that varies with each one.



R-Panel metal roofs are recognized as the low-maintenance metal roofing option. They are easily installed thus, cutting down on time, labor, and costs of disposal. These roofs look attractive, as they come in a wide range of colors. R-Panel metal roofing systems are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Like all metal roofing systems, this roof kind is prone to rusting and needs to be painted or coated every now and then.

2.Architectural Standing Seam

The most tightly constructed metal panels are none other than architectural standing seam metal roofs. This type of roofing system offers high-quality wind uplift protection and water resistance owing to the way these panels interlock. Their rigid construction provides for a watertight seal. Water cannot make its way into the building due to this tight seal.



Corrugated metal panels are the classic metal roof. They are frequently galvanized and used on retail establishments as well as restaurants to lend them a classic look and feel. The best part about corrugated metal roofs is that they integrate well with fibreglass skylight panels.

Hiring Boston Solar Company is a safe bet, as they provide you a host of metal roofing options and install solar systems or panels.

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